Mediterranean recipes

Simple roasted saddle of lamb with Jerusalem artichokes


1 boned saddle of lamb

4 large heads of garlic

Thyme flowers

1 branch of rosemary

200g St André onions

50g shallots

2 tomatoes

¼ liter of white wine

10cl of chicken stock

salt and pepper

Nombre de personnes:
For 4
Temps de préparation:
30 mins
Temps de cuisson:
10 mins

Peel and chop the garlic, rub the lamb with course sea salt and pepper, sprinkle over most of the garlic, then roll it up and tie it.


Peel the Jerusalem artichokes and cut them into quarters. Fry the shallots and the rest of the garlic in olive oil, add the Jerusalem artichokes and when cooked, deglaze the pan with the white wine and chicken stock. Add salt, pepper and the thyme. Cover with baking parchment.


Slice the St André onions and tomatoes and put them in the bottom of a roasting dish. Sear the lamb in a little olive oil and butter, and then place it on top of the onions and tomatoes.


Cook at 180°C for 10 minutes, then let it rest covered in foil.

Slice the lamb, then serve it on a bed of the tomatoes and onion, with the Jerusalem artichokes, the meat juices and decorate with the rosemary.


Recipe signed by chef Marc Schwall of the Cuisiniers Cavistes in Narbonne.


Broad bean salad with Serrano ham, sun-dried tomatoes, smoked duck breast and parmesan


Slices of bread

200g of broad beans, podded

50g of shallots



150g sun-dried tomatoes

8 slices of smoked duck breast

2 thick slices of Serrano ham

50g of thinly-sliced Parmesan

Salad leaves

10cl of extra-virgin olive oil

2cl of balsamic vinegar

Sea salt

Nombre de personnes:
For 2
Temps de préparation:
20 mins

Make the vinaigrette. Rub one side of the bread with olive oil, toast it, then rub it with garlic.

Dice the duck breast and Serrano, then add to a bowl with all the other ingredients.

Pile up on the slices of toast and serve.


Recipe signed by chef Marc Schwall of the Cuisiniers Cavistes in Narbonn

Marinated pork cheek kebab, tajine with lemon confit, couscous and sultanas

150g pork cheek

150g courgettes

100g carrots

30g whole almonds

20g lemon confit

50g sultanas

50g mild onions

15cl veal stock

Mixed spice

Curry powder


150g couscous

50g butter

10cl olive oil

Lemon juice

Sea salt


Nombre de personnes:
For 4
Temps de préparation:
30 mins
Temps de cuisson:
30-45 mins

Soak the sultanas in cold water the day before.


Thinly slice the pork cheeks and marinate them in lemon juice, mixed spice, curry powder, sea salt, ground black pepper and olive oil.


Cut the carrots and courgettes into batons.

Chop the onions and fry them in the olive oil, then add the carrots, let them cook for a few minutes, then add the rest of the spices.


Add half the veal stock, then add the courgettes, salt and pepper and let them simmer, but make sure they stay green. Add the almonds and take off the heat.


In a large bowl, pour the rest of the veal stock over the couscous, to which you have added some hot water. Add a little olive oil and butter, then let the grains swell. Mix to break up the grains.


Thread the pork cheeks onto kebab sticks, sprinkle over some sugar, grill on a plancha, then place in an oven for a few minutes.


Serve with the couscous and vegetables and some extra spices for those that like it spicier.


Recipe signed by chef Marc Schwall of the Cuisiniers Cavistes in Narbonne


Fillet of red mullet with an escabèche of mussels

4 large red mullet fillets

500g mussels

100g shallots

50g carrots

50g garlic

50g parsley

15g tomato purée

200g tomatoes

100g Red pepper

10cl olive oil

10cl white wine

10cl wine vinegar

2g sugar

Sea salt, milled black pepper

Thyme and bay leaves

Nombre de personnes:
For 4

Cut each red mullet fillet into four pieces.

Put the mussels in a pan over a high heat for two minutes to open them, then remove the flesh.

Cut all the vegetables into small dice and chop the parsley.

Fry the red mullet fillets skin-side down and put them to one side.

In the same pan, fry the vegetables, add salt, pepper and the tomato purée with the sugar, then deglaze the pan with the vinegar and white wine. Reduce the liquid, adjust the seasoning, then add the chopped parsley and garlic and the cooked mussels.

Pour the mixture over the red mullet fillets, then put everything in the fridge for a day.

Serve with garlic bread.


Recipe signed by chef Marc Schwall of the Cuisiniers Cavistes in Narbonne